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Jay Winter Night wolf (Jay Gola Wahya Sunoyi) Cherokee, Taino and Shoshone, is a registered member in good standing of the Echota Cherokee Nation of Alabama. Raised by his parents in Washington, D. C.
Nightwolf is the originator and host of “The American Indian’s Truths - Nightwolf - the Most Dangerous Show On Radio” WPFW 89.3 FM - Pacifica Radio - Friday evenings from 7 - 8 PM - EST on line at www.WPFW.org. Nightwolf’s national program has aired for over 6 years and going strong. The mission of Nightwolf is to educate and bring awareness of the plight and history of the Native American Indian. Nightwolf’s program reaches more than 1.9 million listeners in the mid-Atlantic region alone.
“The Nightwolf” program is the only Native American program on FM radio in the mid-Atlantic region. Nightwolf’s guests has included Native American Tribal leadership, business people, lawyers, judges, spiritual leaders, members of the clergy, physicians (both traditional healers and western trained practitioners), heads of state, ambassadors, authors, university professors, artists, musicians and performers, political figures etc. Nightwolf’s show is not limited to just Native Americans, he encompasses the entire “Human Family”.
Nightwolf is an accomplished journalist, published in national press and a member of the U. S. Senate and House of Representatives press gallery.
Nightwolf is also the host of “Voices of Four Winds” that airs every Thursday evening from 7:30 - 8 PM on Montgomery County Maryland’s cable access network.
Nightwolf travels extensively throughout the U. S. and Canada lecturing on the issues and concerns of the Indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere focusing on the Native American Indian.
Jay Winter Nightwolf is a founding member along with Joe LeBonte past candidate for the U. S. Senate (Utah), retired U. S. Ambassador John McDonald and the Dalai Lama of the “Being Human Party” an alternative registered political party that focusing on “Human Beings” getting back to being human and taking on the responsibilities of finding solutions to human survival.
Nightwolf is also the first Native American Indian to serve as a national advisory member of “The Progressive Democrats of America- PDA” along with Diane Shamas, Mimi Kennedy, Advisory Board Chair, Congressman John Conyers, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Cindy Sheehan, Thom Hartman, Joel Segal and many others.
He is also an active member of “The American Indian Society” whose purpose is to promote awareness of the vibrant existence of the Native American Indian of today.
For his many efforts in reaching out to the most needy of America and raising awareness of the plight of America’s oppressed people and the many hours he has spent in providing help, Maryland Governor Martin O’Mally has chosen Jay to receive the 2009 Governor’s Volunteer Award.
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